The Practical Planner started as a small idea and grew into a big passion. A good planner is like a tool that can help you navigate your busy life. I hope that you find my "attention to detail" design helpful and that The Practical Planner serves you well!

Love, Julia

The Practical Planner©, Second Edition is designed to be customizable to your needs. By splitting the planner into packs by semester and the Summer months, your planner can include everything you need and nothing you don't!

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The Postage Stamp

Since 1847, the postage stamp has indicated that a piece of paper is going somewhere. The paper couldn’t move without the stamp, and the stamp served no purpose without the paper. In this way, the Practical Planner is like a postage stamp and you are the paper. You use the planner as a tool to move your life forward but without putting effort into making good use out of it, the planner essentially serves no purpose. Like the stamp helps paper, The Practical Planner is here to help you!

Inclusive design!

The Practical Planner is dedicated to providing a product that is inclusive to everyone, no matter the background! Because of this, you may notice that there are no holidays listed in the planner. That is because we know there are so many beautiful cultures with different holidays and we couldn't possibly include them all so we've left it up to you! You can add all of the holidays that you celebrate to your planner. In lieu of adding holidays to the planner, the Practical Planner has hidden words of affirmation applicable to everyone throughout the planner.